Reviews for "i saw her too, with laser"

good game!
but i think u mean in the free ending: they EAT the granny and her family.

I really loved the first one. I started out loving this one but as the game went on, I started liking it less and less. For starters, I felt like the atmosphere was ruined. I get that you think games should be silly too, but it wasn't executed well at all. The derpy narration completely ruined the emotions I was feeling and made me feel disconnected from the game. A scientist is trying to cure two zombies so that they can be together, and I thought the idea was pretty moving, but I couldn't stay enthralled into it because none of it was taken seriously. I also felt like the narration was too repetitive, the scientist flip flopping back and forth between "I'm going to cure these two zombies! Or can I? I think I can! Or maybe I can't. . . ." I understand doubts but it seemed somewhat obnixious. The second mistake was that I feel it drags on. There's a lot of what I feel to be pointless narration that just doesn't need to be there. It gives the game a boring feeling. I'd personally rather a game be short, simple, and sweet, rather than it being long and feeling dry. The levels are fun but to me, the narration really set the tone and emotions. In your first game, the narration was short and got to the point. I feel like in this one, it's adding too many tedious details like "The green zombies were really gross and smelled." I'm not trying to be rude! Because I think it's a really cute smart game. It's just personally it really ruined the mood for me. It doesn't have the same feeling as your first game did. It does at the beginning, and I love how it starts out, but somehow it just derails from that and ends up having a completely different feel to it and I believe the narration is the whole cause of that. It's good to have silly-ness in a game but just keep in mind that you don't want to over do it or do it in a way that ruins the atmosphere. And also, some games don't even need sillyness! I thought in general that these games were already very light hearted and cute. I think the biggest disappointment was the ending though. Every single ending was derpy, as I like to call it. I really liked the story but it wasn't taken seriously by the author itself. And I was so disappointed that they never did get to turn human again.

Anyway, I think your first game was executed a lot better but it's still a very cute idea with fun puzzles. I just felt that the atmosphere was ruined.

Well,I was cried while playing this game... :'(

Personally I fell in love with the first one and when I saw you made a second it was a miracle. Although I like the first one better this one was awesome. Also it had lasers!

It's a really good game.
Just like the last game but instead as a scientist.
The first thing i chose was to cure them cause even though they are zombies they can feel love too. Then i chose free then kill cause i felt bad that those two zombies will never be with each other again.
Good game. hope you make another one.