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Reviews for "Halloween Treat Quest"

mine keeps lagging around these same few houses

good game.But it does lag other than that it great but could have some more costumes and medals.

matpg responds:

Thanks for the feedback, will optimize it. Remember that carrying a lot of candy makes you slower

This is a cool game (my highest score is 1673)
But, the graphics are bland, and there is not that much veriety, (but it is still cool..)

The game is challenging and fun at first but not much motivation for me to keep playing. It has an appeal, and the medals are motivation to keep trying, but other than that it does get boring quite quickly, especially with the same looping music and black n white graphics.

Surely you could find a music loop that is a little bit longer? Music sounds cool at first but gets really annoying after about 1 minute. The game itself is also a bit short on ideas -- you basically touch things as many times as you can and get home before the clock runs out. Switch costumes, do it again ... switch costumes, do it again ... maybe there could also be some Pacman style enemies to avoid? (Maybe as bigger kids trying to steal your candy?) That would make the run-around-touching-things much more engaging. :)

matpg responds:

Thanks for the feedback,
will maybe implement some off the ideas in a sequel