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Reviews for "Zombie Zero"

Pretty solid game with unique gameplay. I liked it a lot, but it was missing a few quintessential features...

The controls are manageable, but having the option to change it to just using your mouse and clicking to shoot would have been nice.

Also, I wish there was a way you could upgrade your melee weapons.

Overall, this was an entertaining game for about an hour.

controls suck! try making the mouse as the attack and swap weapons with the numbers keys!

Hey i have a great idea lets have people use one hand to push keys under their hand Awesome.

Not really any point in shooting anything, which is kind of a damper. Nice levels, great sound and music, but I want a tad - just a tad - more reason to shoot.

Some really good with a few bugs to fix.
The good: The art, music and sound are all great. Love the ligh effect and the music is erie. The zombies give a nice shuffle and moan. Everything fits art wise.
The gameplay is good. A mix of unlimited melee with a shotgun and grenades for a real punch. I like how zombies bounce (they will fly backwards like pool balls of you hi them). I love how they shuffle predictably towards you. Giving you the tactical edge to think about drawing them around a corner a couple at a time.

The bugs: I spent most of the game spamming the melee button. This was a great way to beat up zombies but seemed to give my movement unexpected side effects. I wanted to creep forward swinging my crowbar like Gordon freeman. What I would tent to do was to start skating forward as if I had the key held down. I would move forward into the enemy hord and shortly there after to my doom. The other bugs involved the bouncing zombies. I noticed that if there was a hord moving round a corner in something like a backwards L shape, I could shoot the bottom of the L and the entire hord would die. As if the impact caused a chain reaction to the zombies that were still out of sight.

It feels like a beta. Something to iron the kinks out of. It is playable and pretty fun. The problem is the controls (could be a firefox thing) and the lack of any health indicator make the gameplay kind of frustrating as it can be hit and miss. Tune those up and you have an easy 5/5. As is are can only carry you half the way.

Keep it up.

Most awesome! i love zombie games. I like the cool pixels and that soundtrack!