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Reviews for "Zombie Zero"


2/5. I would have given it a higher rating but the whip kind of makes using the gun pointless and more ammo drops are needed to deal with the amount of enemy's the game throws at you. The game has potential though.


fun game, but the player movement is awful.
Otherwise I like it, but it lost a star for the movement.

The sound is okay in a good way. The melee attack is way out there, it's like some force field and no Zombies can come close. They just bounce of and die. I don't know if that was meant to be, but it took my first impression of danger immediately away.
Controls are bad. I get stuck walking a direction and you slide annoyingly.

Nice game, although you could have sharpened those controls and physics more...

i give it 2.5 stars because the controls are choppy, there's not many ammunition/ grenade drops, and there are too many zombies hahaha. but i do enjoy killing zombies :) make it better.