Reviews for "Halloween Cartoon"

so much good stuff goin on hear glad to see a caring adult standing up to the cheap whores trying to pass 3rd world bought it next to the dog food at the grocery store in a bin loose butthole colerd plastic off as real candy if this isent a wake up call for america i dont know what is

Gimme a big O' plate of rice and gravy shit with some Butterfingers.

As with all of your flashes, I have to watch it more than once to fully appreciate the rich and bold flavor it produces, like the tenderness of a very fine French whore.

Unlike a French whore, I won't get an STD from experiencing this, so 5 stars.

big fan here, man.... keep up the awkward random stuff :)

This was just fantastic. One of the funniest things I've ever seen on newgrounds. Very good voice acting, nice and natural. Awesome characters, thanks for the laughs.