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Reviews for "The Hampire"

I always love your "rap battle" videos! I have favourited you and your previous leprichaun video mainly because I love your animations and the amount of work you put into them. I love that reference to ASDF movie. But I cant say anything that I havent said about your other video so I am going to jump straight into the critism (sorry) The only problem I have it your lip sinc in the video I thought it may have just been a problem with the flash but then I saw that you have it on a normal mp4 video so that jjust needs a bit of tweaking! That is the only reason I am only giving 4 STARS! Because I know you can do better, and I definatly hope to see more! (Sorry for any spelling mistakes!)

Great video

MARCELINE!!! adventure time :3

I love the references to all of the ideas wrapped around Halloween, especially if they are made into this goofy spontanous song battle between two strangely formed characters. Well made clean animation, light pun humour sounding like a rap battle, clear audio => very good.

I hope you won't get pasted all over by the agencies, I've seen at least.. 4 instances of "we want to sue you because you stole our blah blah blah", kinda needs a prevension in form of "I don't own these, I'm just a fan"

Personal Note:
The moment I watched this, ex doesn't want to meet, movie looks amazing, and I got a job offer.


Ahh I love these shorts, and the song hits hard!
Awesome stuff guys, keep up the amazing work!