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Reviews for "The Hampire"

I found this genuinely funny and interesting to watch. There were the bad puns (e.g. Unicorn, Zombeef and Hampire) but also many funny references and ironic jokes (e.g. the 3 wolves in the home hiding from the hampire, the zombeef playing the cowbell and the Looney Toons reference). However, I think what was done best was the animation. Small details, such as the nostrils flaring on the unicorn when he released the corn, Bella's shirt saying "Team Hampire," the way the Hampire clung onto the blood bottle, or Edward flirting with one of the Hampire's vampire with Bella looking jealous. I especially love the transition with the Hampire hanging upside down in the cave, as well as the high angle of him looking afraid when the Zombeef takes out his horn.

Little cheesy but I love it.

good stuff

rap battles.... :/
It was good though.... I was entertained

Remindes me of some of the Gorillaz work.

Well done look forward to more