Reviews for "DOTMAN"

GAME TOO HARD 2/10 i mean, really. if you dodge you get hit, and if you don't you... don't?
Wow. I was just there. Frozen. Stopped. Looking at something.


sooo the game is funny but you should add something like lives tha would be very nice

Okay, so apparently the ball go right trought me without hurting me... only the explosions and the big robot seem to be able to hurt me. You might want to fix the hitboxs of the balls.

It looks fun, I like the way you get revived, but it's quite annoying to play. Most of the problem stems from the jump height, tapping the key shouldn't shoot you insanely high in these kind of games. The jump height needs to be controlled by the player more (Hold the key to go higher).

I noticed you used box colliders for the player (And circular colliders for the balls I assume?), which is fine, but it might be better to make them more forgiving when jumping (Smaller then the player);P People won't mind a slight over lap, it would in fact make it more exciting ("Wow, I just barely dodged that" Rather then "That didn't hit me!")

Oh, I adore the happy guy in the top right btw, he rules XD

hicham responds:

Thanks! the Hitboxes should be fixed now

Mm Is a good skill game but need improvements dont u think? Another thing, is I play one player mode It can't go back to the main menu, I had to refresh the page, put a hotkey like P or something.