Reviews for "DOTMAN"

If there were check points I would play tihs game more than once.

cant tell if you meant to submit a broken game or just meant to mess with peoples heads by making them think the game was real but I cannot control the dotman at all, he does not ever respond to my commands and does whatever the flip he wants.

hicham responds:

can you be more specific about the controlls problem. i cant really understand what you mean by
''he does not ever respond to my commands'' tell me what the problem is so i can fix it.

Good music. But I just stood there with nothing hitting me (more like just passing me by) until the robot, which killed me no matter what I did on the hit that comes down in the middle (I was on the left, jumping in case it was the shockwave that hurt me but I still died.)

I assume this is some sort of movie/game combination? >.>

While I was not that eager to play this game, it got a lot better when I got used to it! I know there's some kind of glitch in the system. The balls can't hurt me and I can't get any medals beyond the first one. I still found this quite fun. I was able to get pretty far even when going on the same platform. A pity the boss still took me out pretty easily.

The best thing is how much mobility you have. You really are allowed to move a lot. I wish everything worked out better in terms of how the game works for me. I'm glad to have played this. Everything is just so slick.

Well, how should I begin?
The game is broken. Up until the robot, I am literally invincible. I TRIED to die, trust me. Nothing killed me. Then all of a sudden, the robot pops up and WOAHICANDIE?!?!? Serious flaw, in my opinion.
The story, as far as I got (to the robot), was non-existent. Woah, I'm a test subject? Oh, that's cool. What am I testing? Big metal balls flying out of pipes? Why is that dude dancing? Who was the man in the suit that popped up? His boss? I presume he told the dancing man to step up the metal ball production, because there was definitely more after he appeared. Why are they mad that I'm winning? Why do they have a giant robot to kill successful test subjects? Are they trying to make metal balls more lethal? Well, they're failing. They need to do more research as to why I have spontaneous immortality. That seems more promising than making metal balls more lethal.
Really, the only redeeming qualities of this game are the art style and the soundtrack. I like those things.
So, in summation, I didn't like it. Try again, friend. 2/10

hicham responds:

the bug is fixed . you can play the game as it should be now :D
this is probably the funniest comment i've ever had man