Reviews for "DOTMAN"

I really like this! I nearly got past five waves but failed what I'm guessing near the end of it. I love the little cutscenes, they're a nice breather and the music is damn good too. All works well in it's favor! There be only one thing that I feel that needs looking at and that's the "jump". It would be nice to have some sort of jump variable. So long I keep the jump key held the higher he jumps and if I just tap it, the lil' guy doesn't jump as far. It'll just make the whole "avoiding dots" a little more easier and fairer.

Overall all it totally deserves a higher rating!

hicham responds:

Yeah thats a good idea. the jumping thing. ill try to make it :D thanks , usefull comment!

This is the game that gave me inspiration!

I quite like it. The concept is fun, especially with the character in the tv screen! But, I wish you would make it so I can use the arrow keys instead of a,w,d. That is my only complaint, if you make it for both, I'd give you 5 stars. A very addicting game!

The fact that I can stand 2 full waves on a single spot in the 1 player mode made me gain the patience I needed to compleat the game, because i could check facebook in these two waves and the cutscene :D

Well, the two playermode is broken though. There are no full 5 rounds, but the two pop up in the camerascene before the robot comes and then they ... appearantly just explode.

This Game Is Pretty Good...Hard,but good

Keep With the good work :)