Reviews for "DOTMAN"

Really fun game but there should be a option to choose your keyboard touch.
Not easy to play with an azerty

Being able to jump less would be nice too.

hicham responds:

I'm working on a movement that works like this :
the longer you press W the higher you jump so you can choose how high you jump.

O saw!!! PLease die xDDDDDDDD
Really guys? xD

On topic, catchy music and adicting game.

The catchy music, stage transitions and 2 player mode are interesting add-ons for the run-of-the-mill dodge game, the only problems I have are in the final stages:
1)Non intuitive warning mark.
The first fist clasp attack is marked as if the robot is gonna strike solely in the middle of the screen. If the ground is not safe, mark it like so.
2)Hard to see what went wrong
When you get crushed in the final stages, the scene transition is too quick,
making it nearly impossible to see what killed you. Most of the time, all I saw was a white flash, then the game over screen came up. For example, I made over dozen tries before I realize that right after the first fist clasp attack, the robot strike from the left. The same with 2 players, I can't see what's killing me when the final stage begins.

Beyond that this game is not bad as a time killer. I'd love to see a sequel that span multiple stages with a diversity of bosses. And with more actions involved, for example, crouching, as the fun of just jumping around can wear off quickly.

Come to think of it, co-op over the net would be nice too. But then, this is not a sequel suggestion form, so I'll stop here.

hicham responds:

Thanks for the helpful comment!

The music is so...ERGHH! AMAZINNG..Totaly addicted.