Reviews for "DOTMAN"

OUCH ! It hurts my brainz ! D:

By the way, for all the people with AZERTY keyboards using Windows, there are a few tricks that should help you having decent controls (it helped me alot, but the game is still as hard ...!). Just need to press Alt+Shift, that should do it !

If not, there should be a small button on the ... I guess it's called the "task bar" ? (the thing on the bottom of the screen) Anyway, there should be a small button down there next to the clock saying what language your keyboard is curently using (FR for instance), click on it and then click on English (USA) or something like that, then click back on the game. VOILA ! Justcheck the button again to see if it did not turn back to the previous language ...!

If none of these option works, I think you'll need to open the settings window and then look for the language settings then you should click on the language tab and change something like "input language", from there, you should be able to change what languages your compute uses. I'm quite unsure 'bout this, but should help !

Cheers ! :D

hicham responds:

Hey man , Thanks! This is going to be really useful for the Azerty users :).

très constitutionellement.

This would have been a lot better if we could have used the arrow keys instead.


LOL! That one took me by surprise.

hicham responds:

Hey , 28 Newgrounds users managed to beat the game :D keep trying!