Reviews for "DOTMAN"

CHARLES ! I'm tellin' you, FOCUS GOD DAMNIT.

ITS A GOOD GOOD GOOD GAME!!!!!!!!Its very adictive :D good job man

I do like the game but at level 3 there is a disk that is impossible to jump over. One good part is there is a screen that has a person on it that changes his mood when the mode gets harder. Overall, it's a good game!

hicham responds:

everything is possible! alot of people got the last medal that you get when you finish the game. they got passed the 3th wave! :D its possible my friend

I played the demo and waited for this game for a long time: i'm not disappointed. Catchy music, simple idea, good difficulty and nice animations. I love it!
The first time I reached the Boss i was like: Woooah *o*
the only thing missing is the possibility to use the arrow keys, but I just read you're working on it.
Good job!

hicham responds:


awesome game especially dat boss fight