Reviews for "DOTMAN"

It's definitely not the worst game I've ever played.
The jumping is very floaty which really hurts the overall experience. The graphics are a lot worse than the thumbnail and the achievement icons would imply. I also found myself randomly dying from nothing after the third waves.
If you simply fixed the jumping and the hitboxes, this would be a much better game.

hicham responds:

im on it! :)

Do you want me to murder this Oliver guy for you?

hicham responds:

sure. no moderator is doing something against it so. i should have expected some asshole to do all this .

Awesome, dont know why people hated the game. Game is short, hard and a little funny :) Managed to beat it too

this comment is really sign of big jealousy boy,why don't you try to do better? anyway as person with 13 years of experience as game developer I predict very promising and bright future for Hicham in this area and wish him good luck and perseverance.

People gets raged about this game but i think this game is all about skillz.
i Failed over 100 time and tried to beat it but i guess i'm not good enough
ok game though

hicham responds:

Thanks . did you know that these '' people '' are one guy.. called oliver. we were in skype and he told he would comment with all hes accounts. ass you can see some of those commenters have almost the same name.