Reviews for "DOTMAN"

ahahaha what i can say? this game is pretty funny but need some improvements.
Yeah its a skill game. i like how the controls are responsive here, but maybe it just me but i feel the character a bit too fast, but isnt that a big trouble.

you probably want to fix the hitboxes i agree that sometimes you get killed before you touch the object, a skill game like this need at least "exact" Hitboxes and not hit boxes that looks bigger than the sprite of the object/character, since here we talk about skill game were your reflexes are tested, but if the hitbox its way too big then nothing can save you.

one of the things i would like to see fixed its the jumping, i dont mind if the character its kind of floaty, but i really like when if i barely press "jump button" my character barely do a jump, here if i barely or slighty press jump my character do a full jump. in other words: the amount of time you press the jump button its the height you will reach when jumping, like most of the games.

Overall i enjoyed the game i never judge a game by its graphics, i always judge it by it gameplay, and you have a good one here, but you need improve it a bit, Graphics are okay in fact i enjoyed the graphics of the characters and the monitor dude doing faces how you progress.

Keep up the good work

hicham responds:

Thanks man! will do!

Strange graphics, strange movements...I like it. He's extremely floaty like some people mentioned, but that actually makes the game different rather than bad. Real interesting graphics. The hitboxes seem to be a bit bigger than the sprites depict, though. I get killed before I actually get HIT, on occasion. Pretty fun game, other than that.

Good fun, the art style is a bit rough, but it doesn't affect gameplay! I look forward to the next version with possibly more story and refined artwork! I can always help out with the art clean up if you need some help!

The medals didnt popped up ):
great game though :D

Great game, I found myself playing this for quite a while. It wasn't too easy, and it did have it's challenging moments. Also loved the music in the game as well, was bouncing in my chair as I moved side to side while trying to dodge the balls.