Reviews for "Zombies lab"

Pretty decent game, I hate the fact you can only move forward.

lovely games
a zombie glitched and walked through a wall and stayed in it :D

Better graphics would be better and maybe add more of a consequence for touching the zombies.

that jump scare litterally caused me to fall off my seat lol

nice game, well thought out and interesting idea, i love the scope of the flashlight and the fact you cant fight anything...until you find the weapons (which i didn't)

Congrats :-)

The game is well made, but I would appreciate a save point system or at least one continue. The last level is ridiculous that there are zombies trapped under bees and when you move them, they come out (no offense). It is so easy to die on that level.

Also, after losing and replaying, sometimes the screen will remain red for the next few levels.