Reviews for "Zombies lab"

To be honest, the game is adequate. The controls are just bad and I got bored in 2 minutes. Although, the jump scares are ok. It would be great if you could move around, not just push "w" to move forward.

kinda glitchy
actually, i liked the fact that u can only walk front, it makes sense...
i wouldnt walk somewhere i cant see, in a zombie infested building....
but not so epic tho

Lenke responds:

At the End someone Understood(? ...


It's ok but I hate it when you can only move forward and the weapon kinda sucks........

I understand what you were trying to do - make the controls tough to use AND do the whole flashlight thing to make the game difficult... but it's just not working. Sorry bro, but the 'only move forward' or 'flashlight mode' has got to go.

The controls are pretty bad. You can only move forward.