Reviews for "Zombies lab"

I really like this game! The game mechanic in which you can only move forwards makes the game unique and challenging. Later it gets a tad too hard, maybe add a continue button next time?
I didn't get very far but i see great possibilities with this concept despite what the rest of the reviews say.
I want to see more of this!

lenke!! i finished you game of slender i go the 8 pages and the end is (just who wins two know) hint:slender:got ya

Well the music is good but keep finding the key and avoid the zombies just keep killing my patience only.

Now, if I could also move backwards, that would be great.

Lenke responds:

I'm in that...

It's a good idea, maybe a good concept. Unfortunately it would require more mobility to make it a good game. There is tons of games like that, so if you want to excel you have to give it a little more, like fullscreen, light options, mobility (coldLegend already said this), even a soundtrack oscillation (if you don't want a 'run n gun' zombie game). Nevertheless, you have quite possibility in your hands.