Reviews for "Calvin & Hobbes Dance"

if the planet came to an end and we'd have to live on the moon, I'd bring my calvin & hobbes books with me! they taught me all I need. period.
and yes! they HAD to move! so thanks for that

Instantly going to my favorites!
This is so amazingly smooth and well done. Pretty much exactly how I would imagine them moving and such, and it didn't detract from the nostalgia factor at all. Great stuff!

Thank you for bringing Watterson's amazing dance panels to life. :)

i was actually looking at the back of this comic where they did this dance during the video.

the nostalgia, it BURNS! (ow, my feels. x_x)

no, but seriously, I saw this, and I LOVED it! 5/5, and favorited. GREAT job! :D