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Reviews for "Calvin & Hobbes Dance"

Sorry. Can't Write. Too Awesome. Brain Break.

Thank you.
*sniff* :'-)


I wish Watterson had been more of a sellout. Or rather, the least BIT a sellout. I'd like to go back in time 25 years, have a little talk with him, and then get back to the future to find the complete and up to date 25 season (because of course it would still be on the air) Calvin and Hobbes animated series deluxe DVD collection on my wall. Hell, that's hardly the same as Calvin and Hobbes endorsing the newest stupid vehicle to come from GM (which shouldn't still exist, the robbers) or atheia forbid Geico. Because if I saw any part of a Geico commercial with Calvin and Hobbes in it, I would have to kill myself within 10 seconds. But an animated series? Hell yeah.

Very fluid and believable. It really looks legit. Like it came from that alternate universe where there really was a C&H cartoon. And it doesn't have any voices - which is good - it's very hard to imagine what would be a good choice, so it's best to not put in anything that might ruin it (but that robot chicken sketch chose the voices pretty well).

Solid animation and the idea (though it's derived from another source) is pretty damn orignal. Love it