Reviews for "Calvin & Hobbes Dance"

This is hearwarmingly well-made! Too bad it is over so soon, i would've loved to see the full song (which is also awesome btw). Thanks for sharing this gem!

The way it should have been.

i know he didn't want his characters turned into a cartoon series but i have to admit i really am glad you did and mad this the way you did stick to his art style as best you can and you didn't make some stupid parody that would basically spit on his grave
i am sure Bill would thank you for this
i know i am

I never imagined in my life thet I will see a good bro dance, but its still a bit too dandy for me :)
O, and I really hate this comic , so I cant give you more then 4, I'm sorry. But it have fiting music for the dance , and the animation and coloring was almost perfect, for me :)

I dont get to see such amazing animating done very often. Thanks, especially for the flashback to a better time.