Reviews for "Calvin & Hobbes Dance"

This is heartwarming! :D

Aww. Very cute. ^^

I guess if I was a bigger fan of "Calvin And Hobbes", I would have enjoyed this more. It still deserves its high score. It's mostly because the animation is exactly what it would be like. Watterson never allowed the comic to have any kind of adaptation. He was just opposed to marketing. I really like the music.

I really did not grow up with CAH. If nothing else, I was unfortunate to not be at an age where they were in the papers. Only ten frigging years?! I was at least fortunate to read some book collections, which are of course great. I'm sure he'll forgive you.

Nice job bringing that comic to life.
Keep up the good work!!!!!!

Fantastic work and completely in the spirit of the cartoon which is all too often besmirched by tools. You rock.