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Reviews for "Calvin & Hobbes Dance"

Great animation, but gay-ass music remix.

Ough! Right in the choldhood, but in the best of ways :D

I officially and literally love you.

Michael Cera for Calvin and Jon Benjamin for Hobbes. Just throwing that out there.

This is what I would want a Calvin and Hobbes animated series.

Literally just the comics books, panel for panel, animated in color with voice actors.

But Hobbes would tell you his fur is just a light bit more yellow-ochre.

What a delightful animation! You've emulated Waterson's style flawlessly, chosen a very tasteful strip, and set it to a very fitting piece of music!

My only complaint is that there isn't more of it! Your video had a clear objective, and you met it adequately! I have no problems 5-starring this gem!

As an aside, I believe Mr. Waterson merely has a problem with his work being commercialized (outside of his own publications, of course.) You haven't set out to make a buck, and you haven't done anything lewd or outlandish with his characters, so I believe that Bill would be happy! :)