Reviews for "Murica"

this was actually kinda boring. since hes in a mustard costume with a bulge I feel you missed a good opportunity to do something quite funny and entertaining. but it wasn't all bad.

the sound was nice, I do like hearing the anthem on an electric guitar (who doesn't?)

the animations (admittedly what little there were) were smooth and quite nice.

while initially seeing a guy dressed as mustard while saluting was funny at first, it became pretty dull after I realized after a few seconds that that was pretty much all there was. but this is a good start for a first submission.

overall: 3/5 stars

Randomocity3000 responds:

Thanks for the feed back, I was going to make some jets or eagles or some shit fly by, but this was actually a short little GIF I had and decided to extend and put music behind (and add a tear). I see what you mean though, I guess that's why it's not leaving the judgement area.

Kind of boring, and in a way offensive. To me, this is a statement of how the abuse of patriotism has brought the country to a point in which the most mediocre of things that can be associated with freedom, liberty and greatness (two of these words are severely overused words; guess which two) become an almost rally-point for hormones and pigheadedness, a place by which worries, foresight and especially awareness abstain. The land of the free condiments indeed, but the rest of the world be damned if the containers they come in are not draped in your flag, even if they were made abroad and possibly through the exploitation of others.

However, if this video is a joke, which it probably is, then it is funny and deserves many more stars... I've actually just now looked at the description, and will change my initial rating from half a star to at least three.

Funny stuff, but the song has become annoying during the time it took to write all this.

Randomocity3000 responds:

It was a joke and just something that I felt like sharing. I'm not passing it off a spectacular or anything, though I do regret not making the communist flag at the end a few frames longer. Idk I'll probably edit the video and add things to it someday when I feel up to it and re upload it (not here though, that's a no-no)

Thanks for the feed back