Reviews for "Ninja Miner 2"

Nice game!! :D this is cool!

Woah, this was awesome! Ninjas are awesome, but this was more than just ninjas, this was a really well-made game. I haven't played it through but so far it seems flawless, the motions are so swift, the animations majestic and martial, the diamonds sparkle, the atmosphere is dreadful, with plenty of threats yet a sparkling reward just waiting to get picked up. It's a breeze to play, and addicting. Great work! Now how about adding some NG API medals as a more perceptible reward?



Not the soprt of game I enjoy playing, but VERY well made.

I LOVE IT! I'd love to work with you on a game soon! 5 Stars!

Here's another good game in the series. I think the most significant thing here is the water. I would think a ninja would be able to go through that easily. Then again, I might just be thinking of the ninjas as described in "Ask A Ninja". They're probably the strongest. The graphics were as good as ever.

It's also helps that the sounds are really cute. Having mobility is always important in a game. It works so well with this guy. It's weird to say a level is failed when you don't collect all the stars. You already have all the gems!