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Reviews for "Chamber Door"

Not bad. I like the atmosphere of the game and most of the puzzles. I encountered a bug when you open the window: if you leave the room before the spider picks up the egg it disappears and you have no way to end the game. Good job!

SilverStitch responds:

Thanks for the report! The bug has been fixed now so the game won't lose track of the ball when it goes outside. :)

Good enought for a special smell of poe-etry. Music, drawings, game play, all is fun.

Just a bug : going on the left wall of the study room, you never come back..

A very Nice game, Concept was good, the graphics were Great.
Its just i don't know how to Finish 0.0

WARNING , If you don't want to see the walkthrough to getting a badge , dont look.
There is a hidden Note inside where the egg goes in.
The game's good

worked fine for me. took a minute to figure out what to do, but worked. the main menu screen was a bit of disorganized looking, but the game wasn't nice. a little short and simple though.