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Reviews for "Chamber Door"

Good game haven't found a bug enjoyed playing it
Raven is my favorite poem :D

This turned out to be more enjoyable than I thought. It is pretty satisfying to be able to understand how to play the game. I am not really that good at it. It did take me from hints to really get going. You truly had no clue what you needed to do next. I really like all the little things that go on here and there.

I especially like the room with the boxes that do different things when being clicked. I don't know if they help with anything, but they're cool. It's been too long since I've read the Raven, or listened to it. That's great music. While difficult, a good game.

A very Nice game, Concept was good, the graphics were Great.
Its just i don't know how to Finish 0.0

*spoiler* I am like Lenore in the morning, bat-sh!t scary.

Very nice