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Reviews for "Chamber Door"

Always like your games man! They arenĀ“t very difficult and challenging, but its the story and the "good feeling" i have during playing, that makes me loving your games more and more!

Great game. Although I would have loved it if it was longer :)

It was good, but it would've been better if there were multiple endings, and a bit more detail. For instance, what happened to the raven that runs off when you give it too much of that antidepressant?

Also, where's the 8th diary page? I found seven, plus the chemical notes in the study, but didn't get Stickybeak. is there something else?

Great game .. I loved the puzzle style and music .. I was curious about the dark room and really wanted to see what was in there .. wished it wasn't so short though .. and to the people .. check every room good for the notes .. there's two in the The Study

I love your games!