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Reviews for "Chamber Door"

Very well done man, loved the feel to the game. Keep up the good work. Happy Halloween Everyone!

That was interesting to say the least. I did have some suppositions that Poe's "The Raven" was involved. I will also say that the gaming mechanic was unique. Though I wasn't expecting a giant raven to come once the knocker, well, knocked. I also like that you put in what appeared to be research notes in almost every room, gave me a reason to look over the rooms other than to move onto the next one.

Nothing special, the puzzles are barely puzzles and the story is predictable, overdone and ends anticlimactically. I also don't see any reason for there to be control boxes, there are no puzzles that require standing in a specific spot.

Nice "Poe" atmosphere. Somewhat short game. Hope you are planning a new chapter?!?

Nice work :-)

alright game, but apparently the game gets bugged in the Ø6 place if you do the handles in the wrong order or so, forcing me to restart the game. That sucked