Reviews for "Space is Key Hell"

244 first try! D:

1 star for the game 4 for the music!

Yes! Only 99 deaths! New record for me :D . I love this game because it's so simple but yet so hard and fun.

211 deaths first try and first time with the series! Very fun, usually these simple yet brutal game turn me off, but I had a lot of fun with this one! The checkpoints for each section, quick respawn, and the lack of "unfair" difficulty are more then likely the main reasons I wasn't turned off by this game. Cant wait for more!

Only 245 deaths! It's a new record for me! Thank you, Satan!
I had lots of fun with this one. The increased difficulty made a big difference, even though I played the last part ages ago. The music still kicks butt though, and that makes it easier to keep trying.