Reviews for "Soul Job"


My honest opinion? I hate it.
Maybe it's because it's weirder than a Japanese game show (which is not a good thing)
Or it could be that, since i hate anime and anything like it, this make me want to bash my head against the screen.

Not really my kind of game. I ran into a couple of bugs, too; when I first tried to start the game, I put the first two souls into the machines and then the tutorial didn't continue. At one point the heaven machine also glitched out and the door stayed closed and the pressure bar stayed in the animation that plays before the "recovering" one. I like it, but I don't really enjoy playing these stressful time management games.

it loads slowly for me for some reason but I really like and enjoy the game a lot!! good job!!

I had a bug where the graphic for the pressure valve on the heaven side stayed in the "transfering" animation and the door remained shut. I could still act on the souls, but with the animation being stuck, you couldn't tell how the pressure was building in that unit. Nice animation and fun idea, but ran into that issue and made it kind of impossible to play without just constantly purging the system lol. Hope this helps.

Love the game. Nice king Yenma