Reviews for "Soul Job"

Yeah the problem with this game is that there's too much going on at one time, this is challenging but very confusing. I didn't know whether or not I should answer the phone or if I should click on the letter or judge souls (by the way there were too many in the third level), also the objective is very unclear because there is quote "a lot of things to do" because you don't tell us if were suppose to keep judging souls, it is not a dead give away and I feel as if a hobo would do better explaining this game better to me then your tutorial. I'm sorry to say this but your game left me dazed in confused, also there's a spelling error in the introduction of the game, I don't know if you know this or not just thought I'd point that out.

rapidojeux responds:

Your comment can help us to improve the game. I understand your point of view when you tell the game is confusing, but we wanted to push the player to the limit. I suppose we should insist that the first priority is to catch and judge souls, all the rest (phone, letter...) gives you a bonus. Thank you for your feedback.

nice game eveeeer!

Nice design, pure arcade gameplay, very good combination both of logic and action game. Hopefully it'll be ported to other systems (Android, IOS) as it brings so much fun.

rapidojeux responds:

It seems many people are waiting for a tablet version. Thank you for your feedback!

really addicting wwwww
i still got fired :sob:

This is really a Good game, great Concept.
But for me its not comfortable playing this using the Mouse holding and releasing.
I just don't know .

rapidojeux responds:

Thank you for your feedback. Many people ask me to develop a version for tablets, I guess you are one of them :)