Reviews for "Soul Job"

My game froze during the second stage. I guess Frieza attacked it :/

rapidojeux responds:

Thank you for the feedback

16, 355 I feel very damn proud, this game is indeed truly easy and quite simple to understand (If I can, so can you.)

The only bugs was issues occasional clicking and not getting a response, this is however, not the game, but the computer problem. Suggestive you players lower your comp quality, not every one should be a critic if you dont got the system to play it. Lovely little theme, cute story, straight and simple to the point. I do hope you make a game like this, with more too it, more levels, more things to do (yes a lot more things to do) The telephone and letters was a big help as well.

This game, very wonderfully done. Way to go <3 5/5 5/5

rapidojeux responds:

Thank you for this greaaaaaaat feedback, I'm happy you enjoyed the game :)

his game has a lot of bugs.
When I try to simultaneously drain both soul containers by clicking on the second lever while the first one is still processing, the first one gets aborted, and ends up in an invalid state. The game still continues in the background, e.g. pressure increases in lvl3 when you are already fired and the scoreboard is displayed. The phone rings even when you are currently holding a soul, leaving not enough time for to answer it if you don't want to abort the judging (annoying, should be avoided).
I imagine the list goes on, I only played for about 10-15 minutes.
Certainly not my type of game, as I'm not the heavy multitasker - I get annoyed quickly when a lot of stuff is going on. Also, all I have to do is to make a series of click-and-drag movements as quickly as possible. The game constantly tells me what to do and does not give me a lot of creative freedom to develop strategies, etc. When I fail, it's usually because I was too slow.

rapidojeux responds:

The game tells you what to do in the firsts levels, to teach you some technics. In the other levels, you're free to play as you want (if you don't want to care of the phone or letters, you can).
The secret to win and make a great score? To be multitasker :)
Thank you for your feedback.

yesterday was all souls day :\

I really had a good time playing this game !