Reviews for "Brom Bones: No Evil 009"

"Yeah, jamboree music! Wait, is that blood!?"

Yeah, the lighthearted music didn't really fit with the giant-skeleton-with-a-pumpkin-for-a-head chase. Scary chase scene could have actually been scary with some scary music. The harmonica seems to be a recurring musical element, and while I don't mind harmonica, it does seem a bit repetitive.

The whole thing isn't off to an exciting start really, and the skeleton chase would have turned that around if not for the poor choice in bgm(just the one, the harmonica stuff was ok).

Warlord-of-Noodles responds:

You seem to be labering under the delusion that the skeleton monster was supposed to be scary part.

Wonderfully done! I enjoyed every minture of it!

Great as always.

Absolutely one my favorites i've seen yet! Voices are amazing, such awesome connection to the characters.

hold on the coyotes a zombie to he poped his eye back in while he was juggling its right at 1:44 tune to that point you'll see it lol
thats what i love about this series you can watch it 2 time and find something you didn't see befor