Reviews for "Brom Bones: No Evil 009"

At first I thought the voice of 'Icky' was a bit messy. It sounded forced and liek it was being read from a script, but as I continued listening i realised the voice was actually perfect. It wasnt messy, it was natural. Its really nice to hear a character with a, how to say, imperfect voice. It doesnt fit into any cliches that are often used in animations. It suited his character perfectly.
Also, ive been a fan of your animations over the years and Ive got to say youve really come a long way. The character development is brilliant, the sound effects and voice acting is phenomenal, the story line is really taking shape, attention to detail is really impressive, and the animation has improved over the years without you having to change your unique style. Its brilliant to look back and look at what was thought to be side projects only to find out they tie perfectly into the plot. I also the love selection of music you place in, it helps the viewer understand the mood of the scene so as to not let it be misconstrued, and the musics all relatively unknown but of high quality.
Over all, keep up the fantastic work and I greatly look forward to what you have in store next.

I have watched this over and over, never gets old :) I like the character with the tail and the fork thingy;very nice submission thx

I've watched No Evil over and over again since discovering it, and I love every second of it!

Is the patchwork girl Mictlancihuatl, or maybe Xochiquetzal? Both kinda fit.

... Is that Vinkel, under the black Tezcatlipoca? Oh, no...

This could be a Tv-show i felt like watching one when i watched this

i love you