Reviews for "Brom Bones: No Evil 009"

Does this link to the raven who brought fire? Still need to find out where the black slime comes from and the little girl :3

Amazing i want to make a seris also but i need to find people who can help.

I am in love. I thought I couldn't love this series as much as I did Swingers but I do. This is some amazing stuff. I really do believe that this series is extremely unique and has potential to be so much more! If you ever release a DVD or some sort of merchandise, I'll be there. Waiting.

this is awesome, what is this siries called, was it based of a book or something?
its a really good animation, good job!

the moment when she says:
you know whats good after a long depressing run...BOOSE!
I need that as a gif so badly xD