Reviews for "Brom Bones: No Evil 009"

Love your stuff. Great art, story, flow, characters, and voice acting. Thanks so much. I think I need to watch all of these in some kind of order, though.

This is beyond beautiful and awesome.
Just love it to the max!
Thank you very much for creating this piece of art.

Looove it

love the blue guy

I love this and all of your other No Evil art and animations. Everything about them is absolute brilliance, and there is absolutely nothing bad I can say about them. Your art style is beautiful, the story is brilliant, the music is inspiring, and the characters are wonderful!

The art style may be my favorite part. It has its own unique look to it that you see nowhere else. I don't know how you pull this off but it also has a wonderful joyful feel to it, and every time I see it I'm simply inspired, and it makes me want to go live out in the country where everything is beautiful.

I enjoy every episode because I never get sick of the stories. I can watch this series several times over without ever getting sick of it. And the amount of thought you put into it is simply amazing, the folk tales and fables seemingly flow together. The stuff you make up is also fantastic.

The music and characters have received vast amounts of compliments for obvious reasons; the singing is beautiful, and the voice actors are fantastic! Each character has his or her own special personality, that is masterfully portrayed in every episode.

Thank you for having such a wonderful imagination. I hope that one day I might be able to animate as well as you do. You deserve five stars, and I can NOT wait to see what happens next!