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Reviews for "ClockWorks"

This is one of those songs that you could listen to 100 times, and it would never get old.

Well done, this is an amazing song!

Teckmo-X responds:

Thank you! Took some work to get it done.

DAYYUUUUUM! i think i could rap to this ! Fire Track, Fire Beats, FIRE!!!!

Teckmo-X responds:

Do It! Just DO IT!!!!

This song is one of the best theme tunes in the whole riddle school/transfer series. Also, I was wondering if you could upload this to youtube as I think this will get a pretty good reception there. (I also want to put it in my music playlist).

Cheers :)

Teckmo-X responds:

Yeah I know it's cane out pretty good. I'm shocked myself. And I am working on opening an entertainment channel for all things music, art, games, video. Etc but I figured I'd wait it out.

After 4 years of experience of making music, being completely new to newgrounds, this song deserves a remix! It sounds like you used FL Studio, I use that, too! If you could DM me the FLP (If you still have it), that would be nice. I could export the MIDI sequences, and use some of the same presets you used in this song in my remix! No pressure.

Teckmo-X responds:

thank you! I currently am not sure where the file might be but I can find it for you. I used FL Studio to make it. It's been a while since I've made music and since I don't have an unlocked version of FL Studio anymore I'm at a dead end with music. I want to make more music but it's hard when you don't have the program let a lone a computer to continue making music. I'd be more than happy to share the file with you once I find it and when you're done I'd love to listen to it.

this one i be vibin