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Reviews for "ClockWorks"

This song is one of the best theme tunes in the whole riddle school/transfer series. Also, I was wondering if you could upload this to youtube as I think this will get a pretty good reception there. (I also want to put it in my music playlist).

Cheers :)

Teckmo-X responds:

Yeah I know it's cane out pretty good. I'm shocked myself. And I am working on opening an entertainment channel for all things music, art, games, video. Etc but I figured I'd wait it out.

I heard this from Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found.

Teckmo-X responds:

Well hope you liked it!

This is definitely for a video game but I just don't know where in the story it would be

I like the smooth synths at the beginning and the melodic content. This piece has a great sense of atmosphere, and the texture feels rich and full. The mixing and mastering are really clean, too. However, there are long sections of this piece where the energy level and texture don’t really change that much, like :50 - 1:40. In the future, I’d love to see your pieces have a bit more structural variety. I suppose you do offer a breakdown without the drums at 3:23, but with such a long piece, I would’ve liked it to have a little more shape. Still, this is a really strong piece. Beautiful melodies, really cool sound design, and a killer atmosphere. Keep up the great work! :D


Teckmo-X responds:

Thank you for the thorough review TaintedLogic!

This is amazing! I came on after almost a year to find this song! I never actually thought it would have 8 pages of reviews! You've come a long way, this was the 2nd best song in riddle transfer, and my 2nd favourite song on newgrounds! Congrats!

-Your friend, CoolGuy.

Teckmo-X responds:

Haha thanks so much. I've loved working on the piece myself. Frankly I've been a bit off on my music agenda since work and college but I'm practicing to get the old vibe back.