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Reviews for "ClockWorks"

The best song on NG, 10/10.

the best audio there is

This has been one of many songs I use for when I’m stress, a stress reliever if I may add, it’s just the way it sounds, it’s amazing, I’m glad I ran into this piece a while back.

I love this song good work.

I was driving home yesterday and this song came on my mp3 player. It was my first time listening to it and it made me have thoughts about losing a family member or doing anything you can to save a city in the future. Just alot of things, it is just emotional and I cried a little. Props to you. My music will never be as great as this but I really want to succeed on this type of level. Thank you again.

Teckmo-X responds:

Aww :3 Thank you! A lot of people have mentioned how emotional the song is and it has that ability to bring people into a different state of mind. I was making this song and it was hard for me because of the melody I made. Truth is I'm not the best musician out there nor the number one dj but I know that music is something I'm passionate about and brings joy and smiles to others too. I think everyone can improve themselves and fair to be better in time with practice and to that I say don't give up at all and keep making music. Continue to compose and work with it to find a style that suits you. When I first made music I was 16 with no experience and zero knowledge of the software I was using but talent is present in everyone and I learned quickly. Don't give up my friend, you can do better. Again I think you for the nice feedback and I will check out your stuff as well.