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Reviews for "ClockWorks"

T..this song is incredible. Hearing it in Riddle Transfer 2 was the best thing ever... this song is just simply emotional. Thanks for making this song and it's great. Also, may I ask you something? What's the program you use to create this music? I want to try remaking it and also to remix it. If I succeed, I will make sure to credit you. Thanks so much, due to my limited budget, I only have Audacity. Thanks for the good work, Techmo! The part from 01:00 to 02:00 was my favorite part, it includes dubstep? I hope to hear from you soon!

Teckmo-X responds:

Thanks! I was surprised as well that my song was featured in Riddle Transfer. Honestly I didn't even know what Riddle Transfer was until I looked it up and played the game. Going to software and programs I use, I just use FL Studio Producers Edition but I didn't buy it I got it off of PirateBay to be honest. I used to make music with the Demo version of FL Studio and just leave my computer on all the time so you know I don't lose any progress I had done. FL Studio is my favorite program to use. I used Audacity once but it's not very stable plus beat making in Audacity can be difficult without the use of plugins.

Saw this song used in Riddle Transfer 2 and I came to check out the original creator of it and I have to say, I'm very impressed! I will listen to more of your content in the future!

Teckmo-X responds:

I'm really glad you like it

You should be getting quite a bit of attention after you use in the long-awaited sequel to a series named "Riddle School", what can I say? This song has an ambient/tech/calm/trance feeling to it. I'm not even sure which genre it's from.
Judging from your responses, let me just say that Riddle Transfer 2 is the previously cancelled, revived finale to the Riddle School Series. It's up on Newgrounds right now. A quick search won't hurt.
Overall, 5/5, a song that I think will be used more in the future. I might go over and check your other pieces too. ;)

Teckmo-X responds:

Thank you so much! I'm in the electronic part, you know video games and chiptune stuff. Its fun to make music and to receive such an honor to be featured in a popular game.

\o/ I just understood "Vote for 5" in Riddle Transfer

5 Stars! Lol
I love this song so much

Teckmo-X responds:

Thank you! lol what is Riddle Transfer?

Saw this on Riddle Transfer 2 and thought i might check it out. Awesome song! Keep up the good work Techmo :3

Teckmo-X responds:

Thanks but I don't know what Riddle Transfer 2 is. Is that a game of some sort?