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Reviews for "The Noob Adventures Episode 18"

While I'm not that big of a fan of this series, I still really like it. I think the best part here was probably how you were able to really flesh these characters out. Granted, I still can't remember their names, except Gaylord. Anyway, I truly appreciate the good animation. It was nice to have the voices as good as ever. The dumb guy was my favorite.

I wouldn't want to be involved in any kind of bath with a gaylord. I liked seeing the different enemies. The Creeper is probably the most iconic character the game has. I'm surprised you used the new format. It worked for me for some reason.

He is evil to the bone..... And maybe the book our heroes has found can tell something....

Slowly but steadily my views on Minecraft are being altered, this is getting pretty exciting! Great voice acting, great animation; a soup opera-ish plot development that entertains plenty. There's not so much happening as there is talking, but the characters all have distinct personalities and plenty to say, at least that one guy whom I don't recall hearing the name of. Actually, I can't recall any names being mentioned, hard to know who's who. Keep it going though!


This seriess has to have some sort of resolution

I love this series so much.
Can't wait for what's next!!!!!!!!!!

Falconer02 responds: