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Reviews for "Beaybox Battle"

this has great replayability 5 stars for you bro/s!

This right here is something magical. I've watched it 3 times in a row and I'm about to make it 4. thank you for making my night.

This was awesonme. Started out simple, and just got more and more intense. The beatboxing was great, and the animation to back it up made it way more entertaining than the real thing. My favorite parts are those hand movements, really nice panning effects and just... crazy hands! Considering how peaceful everything was the ending was somehow unnecessarily brutal, but it's all good, great work on making a beatbox battle like no other! You should definitely do something with Eminem's Brain Damage track sometime, btw.


Have never seen anything like this before, nice use of background, camera (angles, movement..etc.) and the characters are active, with hilarious yet suiting emotions. There are many funny moments, and what I was thinking was, you made a whole story out of two beatbox soundtracks...I wonder what you could do with a real, full plot...guess I gotta watch your videos to see :)

NedelchoBogdanov responds:

Thank you all guys for the support!

Oh lord thank you for letting me favorite this artist. You have fulfilled my wildest dreams. Nice work!