Reviews for "Copsis"

Loved it. Lacking a lot of detailed information (archer & monster stats) but I think that adds to the engagement of the game, of mounting a desperate last defense against a mysterious, shadowy enemy. Bit simple, but I suppose it is a demo so that's to be expected. I didn't encounter any of the bugs mentioned below, possibly because I never got a game over though (just spent half the game on 1 health instead :P).

Pretty good, though came across a few things
-If you get a game over, the only thing you lose is your archers. The walls stay the same, and so does the difficulty of the waves. Unsure if this was intentional or not
-Reached a point where all the monsters instantly died when I started a wave. I think this happened on when I had about 8 or 7 days left, and it happened just after I acquired a sharpshooter. This kept happening on subsequent waves too, so I had to refresh the game and start over
Fix these bugs, and im sure it'll be awesome

Extremely simple, but a fun game... would gladly pay a few bucks for the full version... but I don't just give my Credit Card information to anyone. Hop on the Paypal bandwagon!

I really love the game. It's designed like a work of art, and it's not visually straining at all to look at. Only one minor gripe- I occasionally un-que a wall to build (hope you know what I mean) while trying to build a wall, as well as clear more trees than I really need because of slightly sloppy controls. Anyway, I can only wonder how amazing the full version is! If there was an app version for Android, I would pay over $4.99 to own it. Nice work.

ill give it 3.5.

i like this idea of games but the graphics are very basic plus didnt like how you could "recruit" more citizens at the cost of 5 citizens and you get none back but just the 5 you paid for.

i would actually pay for this game (my price is a secret xD)
but i was not happy of how i would have to use my credit card details and number to pay it, if it was paypal then yeah maybe.

good game for far got to 2 nights left and failed keep up the work on it