Reviews for "Copsis"

the art and sound are good.

the interface is terrible though. just feels extremely unpolished. nothing is explained properly and you end up throwing a castle wall down up at the top of the screen because you didn't know how placing castle walls worked.

if you want to solicit donations for your game, you absolutely need to present a more polished experience.

Extremely simple, but a fun game... would gladly pay a few bucks for the full version... but I don't just give my Credit Card information to anyone. Hop on the Paypal bandwagon!

Loved it. Lacking a lot of detailed information (archer & monster stats) but I think that adds to the engagement of the game, of mounting a desperate last defense against a mysterious, shadowy enemy. Bit simple, but I suppose it is a demo so that's to be expected. I didn't encounter any of the bugs mentioned below, possibly because I never got a game over though (just spent half the game on 1 health instead :P).

Pretty good, though came across a few things
-If you get a game over, the only thing you lose is your archers. The walls stay the same, and so does the difficulty of the waves. Unsure if this was intentional or not
-Reached a point where all the monsters instantly died when I started a wave. I think this happened on when I had about 8 or 7 days left, and it happened just after I acquired a sharpshooter. This kept happening on subsequent waves too, so I had to refresh the game and start over
Fix these bugs, and im sure it'll be awesome

It's fun, but if you gave over, the difficulty stays the same, as does your castle- but you lose all your archers. So you end up with 3 guys facing a massive wave of like 25-30 shadows. @_@. Also, if your building walls, your archers might spawn in on the walls you've freshly built, potentially cutting them off from the rest of your castle. :s