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Reviews for "The Last Door - Chapter 2"

I liked the first one but this was really superb! Great setting, music, artwork, atmosphere. I also like the system of donate-to-play-the-next-chapter - simple, cheap and it's nice to support people making great games. Wish I could do it more often. Bring on chapter 3!

You guys have outdone yourselves! Everything from the plot to the graphics to the music is enthralling and beautifully creepy. Small details and references, including the copy of Weird Tales, really help tie in the influence and inspiration behind your work. Looking forward to the next chapter!

awww, i went in to get the razor, but now it just shows the hand icon and the two yellow arrows and won't me leave either way... o.o

still, great game, till that.

KEEP IT UP. there are FAR TOO FEW of these quality tigames. the grammar could use a tweak though; i notice that there are slips where more modern usage of language slips through. ;) but that's just me being nitpicky, and I'm probably missing something where that is fine, as i often do, due to a cignotive deficti. ;) love these. MOARRR.

this game is PIXEL

Coproducer Speedweed