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Reviews for "The Last Door - Chapter 2"

Just so everyone knows. Chapter 3 is done and playable. It just launched on their main website.

You have to donate to play it. But you can donate as much or little as you want. Donating more will make it so when chapter four launches, you get to play that one immediately and for free.

This work is definitely worth the donation for me. Hope more people will as well.


Lovely game, just like the first chapter. The music is especially amazing and really makes the feeling of the game very special. My only complaint is that for some reason the couffing sound effect bugged out after about an hour of play and I keept hearing that sfx through out all environments, even at the end. Maybe something that is possible to fix.

Best point n click ever played !
(dream and red carpet/curtain rabbit head, remind me of david lynch touch.. )
5 stars

okay this game was good and all and spooky, but because of the pixel artstyle, the teardrop made the virgin mary look like sans undertale which made it a little less scary