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Reviews for "The Last Door - Chapter 2"

You may consider do a contract with some brand of video game and make of this game a game with good graphics for console and pc.
Is simply amazing.


Definetley improved from the first one. I love this series and it's cliffhangers and mindboggling mysteries. On to the next chapter...

i loved the first one and this one will have to be the best one yet i love the music the story line and also it stops when clicked out side

Absolutely amazing. It may not have the same 'flavor' as the fist, but it does have a lot more to offer. There is a LOT more dialogue and characters. In terms of control, if you've played the first one, these controls aren't unfamiliar. Neither are the graphics and music. There are also quite a few unanswered questions and a cliffhanger at the end that I won't spoil. If you liked Chapter One, then you'll love Chapter Two. And hopefully Chapter Three will be even better.