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Reviews for "The Last Door - Chapter 2"

Played it before, would play it again! I'm, just waiting for Chapter 5 (if that'll ever come out) soon.

Those f***ing rabbits! :/ , this chapter was much more longer than the first one, and a little less scary, but is still very enjoyable, same puzzles were a little random too.

Wait is the end of Baldwin's movie the actual end? (The guy in love with the dead woman is Baldwin right?) The screen isn't changing and so I am assuming that is, if it isn't then you got a glitch going on. But other than that it's not really scary, but I'm hoping that the next Chapter changes my mind.
Overall series rating... ehh I'll give a 7.5/10 so far.

I am stuck.

No words can be said to explain the amazement of this game!!!