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Reviews for "Miniambra: mini-ep.01"

I'm looking forward to seeing how this'll develop! The idea makes me think of the Angel's Egg movie, but the surroundings are much brighter. I'm not sure if you're attempting to make the world seem a bit menacing (the fish do seem menacing), because if you are the colors and ambient music don't really enforce that impression. The character expressions, however, speak more than the surroundings. I'll stay tuned for the sequel!


Miniambra responds:

Thanks cd! We've never published anything on NG and we are loving the participation and feedback we're getting :) There's always so much to keep learning from each person's interpretations! You are right about your observations, we wanted images and sounds to reflect Miniambra's struggle as well as her personality. The colours and music were designed based on the idea that beauty can also be found in that which is apparently hostile, dangerous or difficult. We hope that we can explore this more in depth in upcoming episodes :) Cheers!

Interesante,capto mi atencion.Espero ver mas y ver como se desarrolla la historia.La calidad de la animacion es buena y la musica acompaño muy bien.

Miniambra responds:

Gracias AngelGris! La música y el diseño de fondos en el universo de Miniambra para este primer mini-episodio están inspirados en nuestra cultura latinoamericana (telares y tejidos e instrumentos andinos), así que agradecemos muchísimo los comentarios al respecto :) Encontrarás más información en www.miniambra.com



Now this was some really "INTENSE" feel here you really have some "ARTISTIC" I was sad that it was just so short the artwork on this was just very intense and artistic, this is an insta fave though, but my advice is to make more of this style and make them longer a little more story depth aswell, anyways nice flick.

my advice is to make more of this style and make them longer a little more story depth aswell